Watch: Texas 8th-grader films frightening bus ride through floodwaters

One concerned mother’s Facebook post has incited an investigation within the Montgomery Independent School District, the Houston Chronicle reports. Karin Baker Williams took to the site to express her anxiety over a video of her son’s frightening bus ride home during a week of extreme weather in Texas.


via Facebook/Karin Baker Williams

The short video was filmed by Williams’ eighth-grade son who can be heard muttering, “Holy crap,” to himself as his bus slowly rolls through high, rushing water.

Facebook users commented on the post to express concern over the district’s decision to move forward with school as scheduled, and the bus driver’s decision to continue driving through the flooding.




According to the Houston Chronicle, the district has since released a statement saying the incident is being investigated and outlining their driver guidelines during flooding:

Currently, our standard operating procedures for drivers in high water situations are: stop, observe traffic (any other vehicles crossing), can you see the road (stripes/markings), is the water less than 4 inches in depth, if not, then proceed and if the water does not cross the 1st step on the bus, the driver can continue across the low water area. If the water comes across the 1st step, the driver is to stop and reverse course.

Luckily no one was injured during this particular bus ride, but the video remains a convincing reminder that it’s always safer to “Turn around, don’t drown.”

Keep up with severe weather as it occurs, here, and check out today’s Austin weather forecast.

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