Watch: Why do these Texas clouds glow green?

A drone video taken near Wylie, where grapefruit-sized hail caused severe damage to many homes and vehicles earlier this week, made a stir on social media after users grew curious about the strange coloring of the clouds the video shows. Many wondered why the clouds appear to glow green during the storm. As the Weather Channel reports, the green glow is closely tied to the massive hail storm that was about to take place.


The green glow is the product of sunlight refracting through the ice of the hail. However, just because you see green doesn’t mean you’re about to be pelted with ice balls. While the green does indicate hail is present in a storm, it doesn’t ensure the hail will reach the ground still frozen. That, however, wasn’t the case for Wylie’s green skies this week:

Check out today’s Austin weather forecast and weather predictions for what promises to be a stormy weekend, here.

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