Mild Monday offers last bit of sunshine before 2 days of clouds, fog, light rain

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Monday forecast for Austin: A chilly morning — it’s 53 at Camp Mabry as of 5 a.m. — sets the stage for a mild sunny day with temperatures climbing to near 74. Enjoy the sunshine while you can because storms are expected midweek with cloudy skies lingering into the weekend.

Monday night should see clouds increase and patchy drizzle and fog after 4 a.m. Tuesday, the National Weather Service says. The humidity acts like a blanket that traps the day’s radiant heat, likely keeping the nighttime low to a balmy 57.

The drizzle and fog should linger Tuesday morning, the weather service says, as a 20 percent chance of rain enters the forecast. Winds of 5 to 15 mph from the south-southeast should ease some of the mugginess as temperatures rise to near 74. At night, rain chances increase to 40 percent, forecasters say. The warm Gulf air and increased humidity will keep the nighttime low around 67.

The 40 percent chance of thunderstorms continues Wednesday, with drizzle likely in the morning and storms mainly after 10 a.m., the weather service says. It’s no coincidence that warm temperatures, which provide energy to storms, are expected to reach near 79. The skies should stay cloudy Wednesday night as the evening low slips to around 62.

A 20 percent chance of rain remains in the forecast for Thursday, but mainly before 8 a.m. The outlook for rest of the day calls for sunshine and a high near 77 as north winds of 5 to 15 mph blow into Central Texas. The north winds sweeping away the clouds and the humidity will clear the skies but also produce cooler nighttime temperatures as low as 51 in Austin, the weather service says.

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